Anti-Smoking Tirade #1

It is hard for me to believe that in 2010 there are still people who smoke.  I guess that says a lot about human nature, especially … denial? 

The other morning I stopped at a red light and noticed on the street in front of my car, a smoldering cigarette butt.  Just plain littering isn’t enough, it needs to have smoke emanating from it, too?!  I just don’t understand the mindset that believes that this is in any way OK.

It also made me think back to a few months ago when, again, I was stopped at a red light.  The car in the lane of traffic next to me contained a woman in the driver’s seat, window rolled down, smoking, and in the back seat behind her was a toddler in a car seat, window halfway down.  It was misting rain so I wodered how wet this child was getting.  I also wondered what the effect of the open window was.  I guess it was supposed to let in fresh air, since the (I’m assuming) mother was smoking in the car.  But, since she was holding her cigarette outside the window, and blowing her smoke out the window, it was drifting back past the child’s open window.  Then, the mother dropped her still smoldering cigarette onto the street.  The little girl started pointing to it and shouting, “It’s still on fire!  It’s still on fire!”  while the mother ignored her.  Pitiful.