Kiss Your Husband Goodbye

Some time in recent memory, my husband started requesting a proper goodbye kiss each time he leaves the house.  It seems he had heard something on the radio one morning quoting a study that said that men who kiss their wives goodbye live longer.  Who was I to argue?

One day the idea hit me to write a blog post about this phenomenon. I did some online research and found that though it is referenced in many places, I couldn’t find the actual study.  The study was supposedly German and run by a Dr. Anthony Sazbo.  The only Dr. Anthony Sazbo I could find is in Canada.  Hmmmm.  Anyhoo, here’s the best reference I found:

If you want to be happy, healthy, successful, and live longer, give your spouse a kiss before you go to work each day. That’s the conclusion of a study conducted by a group of German physicians and psychologists, in cooperation with insurance companies. According to Dr. Arthur Sazbo, the study found that those who kiss their spouse each morning miss less work because of illness than those who do not. They also have fewer auto accidents on the way to work. They earn 20 to 30 percent more monthly and they live about five years more than those who don’t even give each other a peck on the cheek. The reason for this, says Dr. Sazbo, is that the kissers begin the day with a positive attitude. A kiss signifies a sort of seal of approval, offer Sazbo and his colleagues, and they believe, those who don’t experience it, for whatever reason, go out the door feeling not quite right about themselves. Whether you give this study any credence or not, an au revoir kiss every morning can do you no harm. Maybe you can expand the study and write a book, Pucker Up to Grow Rich, Feel Good, and Live Longer. It could be a best-seller.

Bits & Pieces, July 25, 1992 pp. 4-5.

I have no idea if this study ever really happened or if any of the above information is true.  However, I love that my husband wants to be sure I give him a kiss when he leaves, I’m happy to oblige, and I highly recommend that you and your spouse adopt this practice (obviously if you are the one leaving the house, then you need to collect the kiss, or if you’re both leaving have a mutual send-off!).  Here’s to health, wealth and happiness!