The Day After Yesterday

A bottle of 50 200mg Advil caplets

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Yesterday as the day went on, my shoulders started talking to me.  Nothing horrible but by the end of the day I definitely knew they were there, also the muscles across the top of my back (shoulder & neck area).  Quads, a little bit.  This morning, was sore but not too, too bad.  Advil helped.  I also had a well-timed massage scheduled first thing in the morning.  That, of course, felt heavenly.  I’ve been doing the “Hip Hop Abs” DVD program and doing that today helped work out some soreness, too. 

I’m not sure if my quads are so sore from the running or the sculpting class, I *think* it was more the class but I should find out more after my second run, tomorrow morning.  Surprisingly, my calves are not sore, which is what I was expecting.