Six Weeks of 5K Training – Week One Follow Up and Start of Week Two

Muscles of the front of the leg.

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Picking up where I left off, I was worried that I might have shin splints.  I found that ice packs helped a lot, and my husband has some “KT Tape” so I looked up how to tape a leg for shin splints and did that on both legs, I think that helped, too.  My husband also has a foam roller (he’s so handy to keep around!) and I used that for just a few minutes since it was rather painful.  By the end of the day they felt so much better that I decided that it must just have been pain from using muscles that I wasn’t used to using.  I showed my husband where the pain was and he agreed that it did not seem like shin splints.  Crisis averted!

That was on Friday, Saturday I did not go to the gym but did do my ‘Hip Hop Abs” DVD.  Sunday was a day off.  Monday I was back at the gym.  I started off with the weight machine circuit.  I used the elliptical machine today for my warm-up and cool down, instead of walking.  I was on the elliptical for five minutes before I started running on the treadmill, then I cooled down by going backwards on the elliptical for five minutes. 

According to the training program, the goal for Week 1 is to be able to go 1/2 a mile, running for at least 1/4 mile of that.  I was able to run the whole 1/2 mile so I felt good about that.  The goal for Week 2 is to be able to go 1 mile, running for at least 1/2 a mile.  Since I already knew that I could run half a mile, I figured I just needed to concentrate on being able to run as much of the mile as possible.  As I started my run, my plan was to run for a half-mile and then see how I felt.  If I needed to I would then try alternating walking and running (a la the “Couch to 5K” program.”  I also started at a slower pace, thinking that that would help me with the increased distance.  I was at about an 18-minute mile.

It was a difficult run.  It seemed like it took forever to run that first half-mile.  I was planning to start walking as soon as I got to the half-mile point but once I got there, I was afraid that if I started walking, I would get “stuck” there and not be able to get back to running again.  I was feeling a bit stronger at the half-mile so my goal became to run to .75 mile and see how I was doing.  Once I got there, again, I wanted to walk but was afraid I would not be able to bring myself to start running again once I slowed down.  I decided to keep going as long as I could and hope that I could make it to a mile.  I was watching some soap opera that I don’t even watch on TV (probably one reason the run seemed to take so long, ha ha) and I stared at the TV as I ran and would ot let myself look down and see how far I had gone and how much further I had to go.  When I finally checked, I had gone .96 of a mile.  That made me so happy!  I pushed myself to run that last .04 mile and voila, I had run a mile!  Yay me!

The question is, can I do it again tomorrow?!



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