Harry Potter Haikus


‘Tis a wonderful thing when the planets align and creative inspiration flows.  This most recently happened to me last week in the Lowe’s parking lot, where I had pulled into a spot to eat my Steak ‘n Shake drive thru meal and kill time until Ginny’s ballet class was finished.  Somehow or another I had the idea to write Harry-Potter inspired haikus and the ideas just started flowing!  I’ve been trying to be more consistent about carrying my Planner Pad with me and fortunately this was one of the times when it was in my bag.  I grabbed it and began writing.

getting out of bed haiku


Below is what I came up with.  No, they aren’t totes amazeballs, but, to have just come up with the idea and to have written them all out one after the other in the space of about 10 minutes, I think they are kinda cool.  What say you?  Do you have an HP Haiku (or any other, for that matter, I love haikus!) to share?  Tweet me @realmugglemom


I hear the whispers

And scream as I watch you fall

Away behind the veil

Hermione weeps

Her heart is torn asunder

Ron kissed Lavender

Harry’s bones are gone

His arm is now like rubber

Uh-oh, Skele-Grow

Luna is special

She sees things others cannot

Thestrals and Nargles

Harry is chosen

The Tri-Wizard Tournament’s

First Fourth Champion

Something slithering

Through the innards of Hogwarts

Its a basilisk

Moaning and crying

Inside the bathroom plumbing

Its Moaning Myrtle

Dumbledore’s office

Portraits, spinning things

Thoughts in the pensieve

On the Quidditch pitch

Dementors oughtn’t to fly

They’re cold and scary

Clue: The Golden Egg

When opened a horrid screech

Song of the mer-folk

Draco is trying

To travel between cabinets

Letting in evil



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