User review: Becoming a Julep Maven (Part 1)

Julep began in 2007 as a boutique nail parlor in Seattle.  Julep now offers a line of products promising professional results at home.  One can purchase these items at but the special twist they offer is to shop with them by becoming a Julep Maven.

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Nothing like freshly painted fingers and toes

Becoming a Maven, which is kind of like a subscription service, is quite simple.  On the Julep home page you will find a Style Profile quiz.  Taking the quiz will place you into one of several Style categories (descriptions are my shortened versions of their descriptions):

“It Girl” – a natural trendsetter, cutting-edge colors

“Iconic Beauty” – timeless aesthetic with chic, elegant colors

“Boho Glam” – a creative free spirit, a mix of earthy tones and chic, vibrant colors

“Bombshell” – bold, glam colors and anything that sparkles

“Modern Beauty” – a savvy tastemaker who wants to try the latest and most innovative products


Photo not meant to imply any sort of endorsement

Each month, there is a carefully selected box for each style profile.  Depending on the profile, the box contains nail colors, beauty products, or both.  Julep says that each monthly box, priced at $19.99,  contains products worth a total of $40 and up.  Each month a Maven has the opportunity to preview each box and select the one she prefers.  Once she has a chosen a box, the Maven is then presented with opportunities to add certain products to the box at discounted prices via the Secret Store.  She will also receive free shipping and 20% off at

This offer appealed to me for several reasons.  One, it sounded like a good deal, and I’m all about a good deal.  Two, I love getting packages in the mail!  And three, when it comes to special little treats like nail polish, I tend to either purchase very similar items (“rut”), not purchase things because I think I don’t “deserve” them, or just never get around to buying them.  Having a monthly box delivered will “force” me to a treat that I probably would not otherwise have gotten myself, along with trying colors and products I might not otherwise have purchased. Kewl.

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A package! A package! Somebody loves me!

PS – Through the Powered by Girlfriends program Julep donates a portion of their proceeds to “organizations that support and empower women.”  These include National Women’s Sports Foundation, Dress for Success Worldwide, Girl Up, Polaris Project, and the Edith Sanford Breast Cancer Foundation.

PPS -Can’t wait to become a Maven?  Here’s my referral link to join.  Use code FREECOLOR to try it out for free!


(sorry, couldn’t resist, used to always do that on my notes to friends when I was a girl!)

Coming up:  I discover my style profile and I receive and review my first order!