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Hi, I’m Susie — a Muggle, and a Mom.  I use my blog to share the ways I incorporate my affinity for all things Harry Potter into my daily life and the life of my family.  I also share more general helpful tips and information, mostly about cooking (and baking!) and homekeeping.  The members of my family (My husband, Muggle Man, our son, “Ron,” now 18, our daughter, “Ginny,” now 14, and our cat, “Crookshanks!”) often appear in my blog, as do the other things I tend to obsess over — my faith, Alzheimer’s (my mom is late stage), exercise, eating – both healthy and decadent, reading, my online business, reality TV, wine, and coffee!  You can learn more about why I started this blog here in my Very First Post.

I’d love to hear your comments on my blog and/or your suggestions for blog topics.  Please Tweet me @RealMuggleMom

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