Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

Loved the look of Shell Cottage in the movie!

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(aka Part 1 of My Barking Mad Harry Potter Weekend)

Like all Potter fans I had really been looking forward to seeing “Deathly Hallows Part Two,’ and when it happened, wanted to do it right.  I started by watching some funny parody videos on YouTube.  Here are my faves, Tweet me a link if you know of some other good ones:

Harry Potter Friday Parody  by The Hillywood Show

Hallows Harry Potter Parody by iMandy

Like a G6 Parody (Like It’s Quidditch) by The Station (I think?)

I would have loved to have seen Part 1 in 3D immediately followed by Part 2 in 3D.  However, this option was only offered starting at 9:00 PM.  I wanted to be fully awake and alert for my viewing and preferred to go during the day.  Of course I pre-ordered our tickets — three (for Muggle Man, Ron, and myself) for Saturday afternoon.

Thursday I started a movie “countdown” by watching my “Order of the Phoenix” DVD.  Friday morning I picked up our tickets and that day I also watched “Half Blood Prince” and made sure I had all the ingredients to make Butterbeer Cupcakes.

Saturday morning Muggle Man and I watched “Deathly Hallows Part 1” on DVD.  Ron and I donned our RIPT Apparel Limited Edition ‘Horcrux Collectors Club” Tees.”  We’d been saving them to wear to the movie!  I also had some Harry Potter-shaped 3-D glasses that I had ordered from the UK off eBay. 

Cute glasses, too bad they didn't work
Purely decorative “3-D” glasses

Unfortunately, when I tried them out at home they did not work.  I stuck them into my purse just in case, though. 

Our tickets were for the 2:00 3-D IMAX show.  We arrived at the theater about 1:15 PM.   There was already a line outside the IMAX theater, but at that point it wasn’t too bad.  There were maybe 30 people in front of us?  The way the line wrapped around, we were positioned in line right outside the theater door, with the first people in line between us and and the entrance.  I heard those people say that they had arrived at 12:45.  Several people commented on Ron’s & my T-shirts, and/or asked where we had gotten them.

A little after 1:45 they started letting people into the theater.  We tried to figure out the best spot to sit.  We knew we wanted to be in the middle but weren’t sure how far up or down to go.  The people who had been first in line were slightly to the side on one row so I suggested that we sit in the middle of that row,  next to them.  I figured if they had stood in line that long to get those seats they must be good, he he.  I was very interested in experiencing an IMAX movie since I’d only seen a couple before, at science museums.

The screen lit up with the first of a couple of trailers.  They were SO LOUD I could not believe it.  I would have brought ear plus if I had known.  Poor Ron, who is very sensitive to loud noises, had his fingers in his ears.  I remembered that I had some ear plugs in my purse from the Taylor Swift concert Ginny and I had attended recently so I gave them to Ron (wishing that I had more for me!).  Thankfully once the actual movie started, it was not quite as loud (or maybe my ear follicles had been dulled enough by then that it didn’t seem as loud?!).  I put on my British fake 3-D glasses just to be sure they didn’t work.  Nope.

The movie kept me enthralled the whole time (didn’t check watch, etc.).  The only distraction was the kid next to me wh osqueaked his drink straw up and down almost the entire frickin’ movie (grrrr  — Silencio!”).  The audience was pretty quiet for most of the movie, one funny incident was the first time Lord Voldemort appeared on the screen and a little voice said, “Got your nose!” 

 I was glad that I had remembered to stick some tissues into my purse as I spent at least the half hour of the movie blowing my nose and dabbing at my eyes.  I really liked Part 1 and had been worried that Part 2 would somehow be a letdown.  I think I also was worried that the majority of the movie would be a violent, bloody battle.  I was not disappointed at all and I thought that overall the battle was portrayed very well.  I really want to go see it again!


A Barking Mad Harry Potter Weekend

Sign of the Deathly Hallows

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The weekend of the “Deathly Hallows 2”  premiere was a big weekend for many Harry Potter fans, and I was no exception.  Here’s how it went down:

What a weekend!  It was so awesome that I feel each event deserves it’s own blog post — Coming Soon!