Night on the Town

Recently Muggle Man & I actually went out, on a Saturday night, just the two of us, to a bar. This was momentous on many levels. Number one, it’s ex-tre-me-ly rare for us to go out in the evening together. Secondly, we left the house a little after 8:30, which is closer to the time when we usually are getting home. Thirdly, we went to a bar, for drinks! And last but not least, we left the kids alone, at night, without a babysitter for the first time!

How did this all come about? Well, a couple of weeks ago when I picked Ron up from his weekly social skills club, the lady who runs it informed the parents that a new bar was opening downtown and would be doing a fundraiser at 9:00 PM for the place that runs the social skills club (Let’s refer to it as “Helpful House,” and it’s been a Godsend).  Well as soon as I heard the word martini I knew I needed to be there. I told her that either Muggle Man & I would be there or else I would come by myself for a “Girls Night Out.”

When I told Muggle Man about the event, he was up for it, he was a bit dubious about leaving the kids but decided to give it a try. After all, we’d be going out after Ginny’s bedtime so she’d never even know we were gone, and Ron wouldn’t actually have to “do” anything except keep the home fires out. Since he’s 13-1/2, we felt like he’d be fine for an hour or so.

So, we dressed “sharp casual” and headed downtown. We were pleasantly surprised to see how many people were out and about downtown (which used to be totally dead).  There was a small seating area outside the bar, with quite a few “bright young things” having drinks. We walked inside and were greeted by a tall young woman holding a clipboard, who informed us that this bar was a members-only club. To become members, we needed to write our name & email address on the sheet attached to the clipboard. Easy enough! Muggle Man signed it and we were in!

The place wasn’t “packed” but it was very loud. Thanks to a recent law it was thankfully smoke-free.  Muggle Man immediately spotted someone he knew so we stopped at that table & chatted a bit. They were getting ready to leave but said they had enjoyed the drinks and the food.

After we left their table we noticed that there was an upstairs area and I thought that might be a good spot for us to sit so that we could look down and watch to see if anyone else from Helpful House came in. Muggle Man asked the waitress and was told that the upstairs area would not be open for another week or so. Ah well.

She seated us at a table for two and as she did so informed us that they had not received all their liquor/liqueur shipments yet so not all the drinks on the menu were available. Muggle Man told her, “That’s two strikes!” We sat down and were immediately given glasses of water.

As we were looking at the menu, Muggle Man started to cough. He had a tickle in his throat that he could not get rid of. There were two votive candles on the table and more votives on the wall right next to him, we wondered if they were the source of his problem. We switched places so that he’d be a little farther away from the candles and that did help some.

After perusing the menu, talking to the server, and studying the menu some more, Muggle Man decided he would just order a Manhattan, and I decided on a “Belle Fidel,” which is a mixture of Rum, Muddled Lime, Mint, Bitters and Prosecco. We also ordered two Small Plates to share – Prosciutto with Melon, and a Dessert Flight.

Once our drinks and food came we were excited to taste them. Everything was very good. The Prosciutto and my drink complimented each other nicely. The Dessert Flight consisted of a Chocolate Ganache Shooter, Pastry Creme with Scented Berries, and Key Lime Delight. They were all good but, to my surprise, the Key Lime tart was my favorite. Muggle Man’s favorite was the chocolate. We had expected the opposite results so that was kind of funny.

After we had finished enjoying our drinks, the food, and making fun of what some of the other patrons were wearing and how rudely loud they were, we paid our bill and left. It was pouring rain when we walked outside! Luckily we were able to stay under overhangs for most of the short walk back to the parking deck so we didn’t really get wet. When we arrived back home, Ginny was still sleeping soundly and Ron was watching “Mythbusters,” bleary-eyed. A good evening was had by all!  We’ll have to do it again.