No More Books!

Wait, what? I love books and love to read. I’m kind of addicted to books. But, not necessarily in a good way. I tend to go overboard buying books in the sale section (or sometimes not in the sale section, eep!) at Barnes & Noble, or at the used book store. I have stacks and shelves of brand new (or new to me) unread books. So, I am putting my foot down. I’m not allowing myself to buy myself any more books until I have read through or donated/sold (doubtful, I’m so possessive!) my unread books. I’ll keep track of my progress here.

30 Things I Vow

This is a list of “30 Things I Vow” that I will do this summer.  Though I thought it might be hard to come up with 30 things, in typical overachiever fashion (and after years of honing my list-making skills), I actually came up with 36 items for my list.  I’m rather pleased with it as I feel it is a nice combination of “wants” and “shoulds,” things that will benefit the family, things that will benefit my marriage, and things that are just for me.  I was inspired by this post  from Angry Julie Monday, which in turn was inspired by this prompt from Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop.  I’m looking forward to updating my progress as I check items off the list during the summer.  It’s go time!

1. Watch “New Moon”

2. See “Eclipse”

3. Take the kids to see “Toy Story 3”

4. Finish the book I’m reading, “Why Bright Kids Get Poor Grades and What You Can Do About It”

5. Clean out and organize our garage

6. Clean out and organize our attic

7. Clean out and organize our refrigerator!

8. Clean out and organize our hall closet

9. Declutter every room in the house

10. Paint our bathroom

11. Visit Trader Joe’s for the first time

12. Purchase the LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4 game when it comes out

13. Do the “The Pilates Promise: 10 Weeks to a Whole New Body” workout for 10 weeks

14. Work out at the health club regularly (2 – 5 times a week)

15. Have a monthly massage

16. Have a facial

17. Get a spray tan

18. Get a pedicure

19. Give my notice for a certain committee that I’ve been chairing

20. Go through the stack of papers on our dining room table

21. Complete the scrapbook I promised someone I’d make

22. Complete the scrapbook I promised Ginny we’d make

23. Get our family web site up to date

24. Get our deck set up, and then enjoy it!

25. Visit at least one winery I’ve never been to before

26. Clean out and organize our laundry room

27. Take the children to a historical museum that recently opened nearby

28. Have the children’s friends over

29. Take naps and don’t feel guilty about them

30. Have some lunch, dinner, and movie dates with my Muggle Man

31. See the new Tom Cruise movie (don’t judge me!)

32. Read “The Prophet of Yonwood”

33. Buy the new EA Harry Potter game when it comes out

34. Plan something special for our wedding anniversary

35. Try some recipes from “Skinny Italian”

36. Make homemade Moravian sugarcake with Ginny

Follow-up Friday

Updates on items previously mentioned in the blog or via Twitter:

My Bread Starter

Hermione is doing well!  The first baking since her defrosting was last Thursday.  I made mini-muffins, I didn’t have time to do them all at once so I refrigerated the batter and did some over a few days until it was all gone.  We just finished eating them this morning!  They tasted good.  I used pudding mix that had mini-chocolate chips in it.  The children have been enjoying them for breakfast, as a lunchbox treat, and for snacks.  I sprinkled red sugar on top of one batch, and took a basket of them, along with some Valentine napkins, to our play rehearsal on the 13th.  They were a big hit!  Hard to believe that baking day will be here again tomorrow!  I haven’t decided yet if I want to do bread loaves or use the chocolate chip cookie recipe I used before.  I’m leaning toward the cookies. 

Workout/Weight Loss/Medifast

My goal has been to lift weights twice a week and have an aerobic workout at least twice a week – preferable TurboKick, since that’s the most intense, but other classes or home DVDs are acceptable.  Last week I just made it to the gym for weight lifting but this week I’ve done one Turbo Kick class, one Hip Hop class (new to me, it was fun & a good workout!), lifted weights once at the gym and once at home with a sculpting DVD.  I’ve been avoiding the scale since I still seem to keep going back & forth between the same 2-3 pounds.  I’m trying to lose 7 pounds.  I’m doing better sticking with my Medifast program, but have been incorporating a few more non-Medifast meals/foods.  I was actually planning to start transitioning (I miss eating food!) but I didn’t contact Medifast in time to stop my automatic shipment so I’ll stay on the program a little longer and try to make the most of my last month or so on the full program.  I’ll be doing a series of posts soon devoted to my Medifast journey.

Cabinet Decluttering

I had decided that for the month of January, I would declutter one kitchen drawer or cabinet per day.  This should have taken 22 days so that in less than a month I would have a nicely purged & organized kitchen.  Unfortunately I lost my mojo the first week and only got through five drawers/cabinets.  This project needs to be completed but for now instead of some sort of  “program” I’m planning to just try to fit it in here and there.  If that doesn’t seem to be working then I’ll recommit.

Dishes Challenge

I got so tired of the pile up of dishes in and around the sink (and me being pretty much the only one who was loading & unloading the dishwasher) that I started a family challenge.  The challenge was for each family member to put his or her dirty dishes directly into the dishwasher.  If the dishwasher is full, the family member is to add soap and run the dishwasher.  If a family member has dirty dishes but the dishwasher is running, the family member is to put the dirty dishes in soapy water in the sink.  If we are able to do this for 21 days straight, we will have a pizza & movie night.  So far we are 12 days into a successful challenge.  I’m really pleased!  Muggle Man & I are already coming up with ideas for future challenges.