Feeling Ignored

One morning Ginny pulled me aside and told me she needed to speak to me privately. I had no idea what was on her mind. She told me that lately Ron had been ignoring her because he was spending so much time playing on his Nintendo DS. Her suggested solution was for me to take his DS away for a week.

I was really touched that spending time with her brother meant so much to her. However, when she said, “So, are you going to take his DS away for a week?” I offered an alternate solution.  We had recently heard something on the radio about “Family Reading Hour” when the family members sit together & each reads his/her own book, I suggested trying this.  She thought it sounded like a good idea.

Later I talked to Ron and told him about my conversation with Ginny.  His eyes welled up with tears and he said how sorry he was that he had made her feel bad.  I was touched again, this time by his sensitivity.  I told him that he didn’t need to feel badly himself, but in the future maybe he could make an effort to spend more time with her.  He also liked the Family Reading Hour idea.  I’m hoping to implement it soon and will report back.