Finding Balance

I am finding that for me, what works best is not so much trying to achieve that elusive “balance” but more of a “moderation in all things” approach.  For example,  online life vs. real life.  I have seen a few bloggers and Tweeters announce that they are giving up their blogs in order to spend more time with their families.   While I certainly agree that family is more important than whatever online stuff you have going on, and I applaud their efforts and hope that they achieve their goal, I don’t know that giving up the online stuff is the answer.  My reasoning comes from personal experience.  A few years (pre-blogging, Twitter & Facebook days!)  ago I gave up my message boards for Lent.  I felt like the boards were taking up too much of my time, distracting me from my housekeeping and other duties, and that cutting them out of my life would free up my time for prayer, Bible study, and other more important pursuits.  What happened surprised me.  I realized that my message boards were not the cause of my problem, but a symptom.  I was avoiding these other important pursuits, and when I no longer had my message boards to turn to, I just found some other way to fritter away the time.  I wasn’t any more productive or spiritual or whatever without my boards than I was with my boards.  Rather than cutting out my message boards, Twitter, and other online activities, I find that a better solution is to be intentional about the time I am spending on them.