Update – Six Weeks of 5K Training

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Week 2, Workout 2 — For the first time, I run outside.  I can’t figure out how long the track is so, since it took me about 18+  minutes to run a mile on Monday, I determine that I will do my 5 minute walking warm up & cool down and in between run for 20 minutes.  It goes well though I do have to push myself. 

My husband buys me some pink KT tape 🙂

Week 2, Workout 3 – Back at the healthclub treadmill

Week 3, Workout 1 – Bump up mileage to 1-1/2 miles.  It is easier and goes more quickly than I had expected, which boosts my confidence.  I feel like I’m doing more “in the zone” running and less “having to push myself” running.  

Week 3, Workout 2 – I decide to run at a track near my house.  This run “felt” like it went more quickly than any other run so far.  I’m not sure if it was the size of the track, the fact that it was outside, or what but I liked it 🙂  The track also has a slight hill at one spot, which I figure is good practice.  My legs did not start to feel tired until the very end.  I forgot to check my watch when I started so I don’t know how long it took me.

As I was doing my cool down walk, noting how long it took me to walk around the track it suddenly occurred to me that I may actually be walking faster than I am running!?  I will investigate this further next time I’m on the treadmill. 

I do feel like the running is challenging, that I’m improving, and that it’s a good workout.  However, I still don’t “like” it. 

Six Weeks of 5K Training – Week One Follow Up and Start of Week Two

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Picking up where I left off, I was worried that I might have shin splints.  I found that ice packs helped a lot, and my husband has some “KT Tape” so I looked up how to tape a leg for shin splints and did that on both legs, I think that helped, too.  My husband also has a foam roller (he’s so handy to keep around!) and I used that for just a few minutes since it was rather painful.  By the end of the day they felt so much better that I decided that it must just have been pain from using muscles that I wasn’t used to using.  I showed my husband where the pain was and he agreed that it did not seem like shin splints.  Crisis averted!

That was on Friday, Saturday I did not go to the gym but did do my ‘Hip Hop Abs” DVD.  Sunday was a day off.  Monday I was back at the gym.  I started off with the weight machine circuit.  I used the elliptical machine today for my warm-up and cool down, instead of walking.  I was on the elliptical for five minutes before I started running on the treadmill, then I cooled down by going backwards on the elliptical for five minutes. 

According to the training program, the goal for Week 1 is to be able to go 1/2 a mile, running for at least 1/4 mile of that.  I was able to run the whole 1/2 mile so I felt good about that.  The goal for Week 2 is to be able to go 1 mile, running for at least 1/2 a mile.  Since I already knew that I could run half a mile, I figured I just needed to concentrate on being able to run as much of the mile as possible.  As I started my run, my plan was to run for a half-mile and then see how I felt.  If I needed to I would then try alternating walking and running (a la the “Couch to 5K” program.”  I also started at a slower pace, thinking that that would help me with the increased distance.  I was at about an 18-minute mile.

It was a difficult run.  It seemed like it took forever to run that first half-mile.  I was planning to start walking as soon as I got to the half-mile point but once I got there, I was afraid that if I started walking, I would get “stuck” there and not be able to get back to running again.  I was feeling a bit stronger at the half-mile so my goal became to run to .75 mile and see how I was doing.  Once I got there, again, I wanted to walk but was afraid I would not be able to bring myself to start running again once I slowed down.  I decided to keep going as long as I could and hope that I could make it to a mile.  I was watching some soap opera that I don’t even watch on TV (probably one reason the run seemed to take so long, ha ha) and I stared at the TV as I ran and would ot let myself look down and see how far I had gone and how much further I had to go.  When I finally checked, I had gone .96 of a mile.  That made me so happy!  I pushed myself to run that last .04 mile and voila, I had run a mile!  Yay me!

The question is, can I do it again tomorrow?!