The Day After Yesterday

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Yesterday as the day went on, my shoulders started talking to me.  Nothing horrible but by the end of the day I definitely knew they were there, also the muscles across the top of my back (shoulder & neck area).  Quads, a little bit.  This morning, was sore but not too, too bad.  Advil helped.  I also had a well-timed massage scheduled first thing in the morning.  That, of course, felt heavenly.  I’ve been doing the “Hip Hop Abs” DVD program and doing that today helped work out some soreness, too. 

I’m not sure if my quads are so sore from the running or the sculpting class, I *think* it was more the class but I should find out more after my second run, tomorrow morning.  Surprisingly, my calves are not sore, which is what I was expecting.

My “Me” Week

I keep meaning to “take some time for myself” and keep putting it off.  This spring I finally did something about this.  My impetus was the fact that Ron & Ginny, going to different schools, had two different spring breaks this year.  I realized that I would not be getting a “week off” (as much as a mother can have a ‘week off!’) so I decided that, the week between their breaks, would be *my* week and that I would do one thing “for me” each day.  Here’s how it went down:

Monday: Pedicure

I usually get a pedicure once or twice a year, if that, so it’s a big treat for me to do this.  I went to a new (to me) salon that is near Ron’s school, thinking that it would be a convenient spot in the future.  However, I won’t be going back.  During the pedicure she pulled a chunk of skin from my toe that ended up getting infected.  Other than that, though, it was great, lol!  Seriously, except for that it was a nice experience and my toes did look nice (except for the oozing part). 

Tuesday: Movie

I went to see “Alice in Wonderland” in 3-D and just loved it!  It was definitely too intense for Ginny but I had the feeling she’d enjoy watching it on our TV at home.  (And I was right, I went on to buy it on DVD and she’s watched it over and over).

Wednesday:  Massage

Need I say more?  Heaven.

Thursday: Facial

I’ve only had one other facial so this was definitely a treat.  I really liked the lady who did it, including the fact that she did not try to sell me any products.  It was sooo relaxing and my skin looked and felt wonderful afterward.  Now that I am getting older *ahem* I am going to try to do this more often in an attempt to maintain my skin.

Friday: Car Wash

I had originally planned to either get a manicure or a spray tan but I ended up needing to stay with Mom which limited my time.  It’s always a treat for my car to be squeaky clean, inside and out, so I took my car to the car wash for a treatment.

I felt like the week went really well.  It was fun planning out what I was going to do each day, and the anticipation of each item was almost as much fun as the actual experiences.  My goal now is to continue to incorporate these “treats” into my schedule.