Last Friday I was preparing to go out of town with Muggle Man and Ginny – she was cheering at a basketball tournament and Muggle Man had a barbershop rehearsal on Saturday.  All was fine until around lunchtime, when I started feeling queasy.

The queasiness grew until I started to get that feeling that I might throw up.  I lay down in hopes that the queasiness would subside while I tried to figure out what could be causing the problem.  My first thought was migraine, but there have been a lot of stomach bugs going around so that was also a possibility.  I wondered if I would have to stay home from our trip.

The queasiness kind of came and went so I decided I’d give the trip a try.  If I ended up in bed the whole time, so be it.  

Long story short, I made it through the weekend OK.  However, Monday morning I was still queasy.  Ugh, really?!  I was going to give it one more day then realized that I was scheduled to work the rest of the week and didn’t really *have* one more day, so I called the doctor.

The doctor determined that I have gastritis, brought on by stress and taking too much Advil.  She asked if I had had an increase in my stress level recently.  “Well, two weeks ago my son was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, plus we are trying to figure out where he is going to go to college.” (Let’s not even mention the month-long most recent craziness/snafus/mess-ups with our mortgage account or Ginny’s early AM and Muggle Man’s late night E/R visits!!).  “That would do it!” she smiled ruefully.

I was instructed to avoid Advil/Aleve, caffeine, alcohol, and decongestants.  My Zantac prescription was refilled.  Blood was taken for bloodwork and a just-in-case ultrasound of the gallbladder scheduled.

A week later, I’m finally starting to feel better.  It helps that we’ve had snow days where I could stay home and take it easy.  Its been frustrating, though, not knowing when I will be feeling like myself again.  A couple of times I’ve just cried.  I’m ready for this to be over, though – and, after going through all this I’d better at least lose some weight!!

Update – Six Weeks of 5K Training

The Head Ache

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(So my weekly workout posts dropped by the wayside as the pace of life sped up this spring.  I did continue to train faithfully and want to share the experience with you, even if it is in less detail).   

Following my last post, my next workout was a doozy.  I woke up with a bad headache.  I took some ibuprofen and went ahead to the gym, assuming that at some point my headache would go away.  My headache continued through my run and through much of it it just felt like each step was jarring my head/brain.  By the time I had gotten to a certain point, however, I really didn’t want to quit then, I wanted to at least have the satisfaction of completing my workout.  I did so but I felt rough at the end and for the rest of the day.  As the day went on my headache continued, then later in the day I started to feel nauseated.  Duh, I had a migraine!  I know it may sound dumb not to know that I had one, but I get headaches rather often, but migraines only occasionally, so usually it does take me a while to figure it out.   Sometimes I get the nausea first, and think I’m getting sick, then get the headache and realize it’s a migraine.  Sometimes I just get the nausea.  (Sorry to digress but if you happen to continue reading my blog, this information will be pertinent later on)!

I had been so psyched from my previous workouts, that it was really a mental blow to have such difficulty getting through this workout.  Even though I’m sorry that I didn’t have enough sense not to run with that headache, I was relieved to know that I really was dealing with unusual circumstances and that there was a reason it had been such a difficult workout.

Another discouraging moment I had was during a treadmill workout when it just seemed like I was running and running and it was taking forever to go any distance.  Somehow in my head I was thinking that the run I was training for was five MILES, not a 5K.  If I remember correctly, I needed to go a distance of 2 miles for this workout.  I felt like I barely made it to 1 -1/2 miles.  As I continued to push myself, I wondered how in the world I was going to make it to five miles, when it was that hard for me to go a mile and a half.  All the confidence I had gained up to this point seemed to evaporate.  Then, as I approached two miles, I suddenly realized my error.  That I was training for 5 KILOMETERS (3.1 miles), not 5 MILES.  That once I was able to run two miles, that meant that I was basically 2/3 of the way there.  Whooeee!  Relief flooded through me and I also went from feeling very unconfident to being quite proud of myself for being able to run two miles.  That workout ended on a happy note!