Follow-up Friday

So the other day I was listening to this interview on NPR: , Diane Rehm interviewing William Alexander about his book “52 Loaves,” and he mentioned “Amish Friendship Bread.”  It seems like many people have a horror story to go along with their starter, but his takes the cake.  He inspired me to give an update on *my* “Amish” starter, “Hermione.”  She’s still going strong, in spite of the fact that I neglected her for a while.  Luckily I was able to feed her, bake a few days later, and just pick right back up.  I’m still using the version of the recipe that makes just enough starter to keep it going, without having the extra that needs to be given away or thrown away (or frozen, as I’ve done in the past & still have several in my freezer!).  I made mini loaves for end-of-year teacher gifts and they were a big hit.

Back at the beginning of Lent I had planned to do a photo of a cross each Wednesday for “Wordless Wednesday.”  I didn’t do a very good job keeping up with that, but I’ve managed to post a few here & there and will continue to stick with that theme for the time being.  The one that I posted this week is from a “Ten Thousand Villages” type store here in town, I have it in my kitchen and just love it.

Since my posts, I have not yet been back to ALDI and Muggle Man and I have not been out for any more nights on the town, though we did attend a charity dinner last week.